Serving Inspirational People Like You

At Atlantic Wealth Management, we provide world-class, highly personalized service catered to your specific financial needs and goals.

Our value is built on our knowledge of and experience providing holistic financial planning and wealth management services. We work with clients to understand what is most important to them by spending valuable time together and building relationships that last a lifetime.



We help those nearing retirement assess their financial position and prepare for the transition by identifying goals, determining income sources, reviewing pension decisions, developing withdrawal strategies for expenses, and managing health care and insurance needs.



We help retirees develop a comprehensive income plan that considers all sources of retirement income while creating a strategy to meet desired spending levels. This approach involves determining how best to incorporate retirement benefits such as Social Security and Medicare into your overall plan.



We help women take charge of their finances by providing sound guidance to address unique financial challenges. We assist in addressing major life transitions such as reentering the workforce, planning for retirement, and dealing with the loss of a spouse by creating a financial plan to provide direction, clarity, and security.


Military Service members and Federal Employees​​

We provide specialized financial planning advice and counsel that requires in-depth knowledge of federal and military-specific benefits and lifestyle challenges. Located near Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Air Station New River, and Coast Guard Station Fort Macon, we understand the complex rules and regulations around multiple retirement plan options, unique tax situations, and healthcare benefit decisions.


Ministries and Non-Profits​​​​

We consult with local ministry and non-profit organizations and consult with board members to provide strategic direction on financial issues such as asset management, fundraising, and investment policy statements.


Foundations and Endowments​

We help foundations and endowments manage their financial resources by providing advice and guidance around investment strategy, portfolio management, and risk allocation.


Business Owners and Executives​​​​

We provide business owners and executives a personalized investment plan tailored to their company goals and financial objectives. Our experience in understanding the unique needs and challenges of business owners allows us to build and implement a strategy focused on risk management, retirement planning, and succession planning.