Manage and Protect Your Wealth

At Atlantic Wealth Management, we are focused intently on the management and protection of our clients’ hard-earned wealth through a consistent and disciplined process.

We maintain a fiduciary standard when managing your assets and act in utmost good faith to serve your best interest.


Financial Planning​

Our financial planning process includes developing an ongoing, comprehensive plan that analyzes all aspects of your financial life to create strategies for achieving your short- and long-term goals while providing confidence and security around your financial future.


Accumulation Planning​

Our accumulation strategies address your individual investment needs to customize your asset allocation and develop a portfolio in line with your goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon.


Investment Management​​

Our disciplined, time-tested investment process focuses on developing a personalized strategy aligned with your financial goals and managing your holdings with the aim to help maximize returns, minimize risk, and optimize tax advantages.


Retirement Planning​

Our comprehensive retirement planning service involves evaluating your current financial standing and developing a plan with ongoing advice and counsel to pursue your desired retirement lifestyle.


Estate Planning​​​

Our estate planning process creates a master plan for the management of your property during life and the distribution of your assets at death. Successful estate planning coordinates with your loved ones and other advisors familiar with your goals and concerns, including your lawyer, accountant, and other professional service providers.


Risk Management​

Our risk management approach identifies sources of risk and develops a plan that seeks to help avoid or minimize major exposure associated with your health and financial assets, including catastrophic illness or disability and business or property ownership.


Charitable Planning​​​​

Our charitable planning process involves facilitating giving and establishing strategies to impact the causes and organizations that inspire you.


Business Planning​​

Our business planning approach coordinates the management of your business throughout its life cycle, focusing on risk management, executive compensation strategies, tax liability reduction, and succession planning.


Life and Long-Term Care Insurance​​​​

Our life and long-term care insurance planning process involves evaluating current insurance coverage, determining the ability or desire to self-fund, and identifying future protection needs with the aim to help preserve assets in the event of an extended care event.


Tax Planning​

Our year-round tax planning approach involves assessing the potential tax consequences of financial decisions and recommending strategies to help maximize tax efficiency and minimize or eliminate tax liability.